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La'Rio Arai posted a status
"By sheer luck a freighter was passing by and picked up my beacon. I'm off this moon. Hopefully when I get to the city I can find work."
Apr 26, 2015
La'Rio Arai posted a status
""I was marooned on Delos 3443. Seven f'ing years of living in a crashed hull. All humans died from injuries within the first nine days.""
Apr 26, 2015
La'Rio Arai commented on VissyAdamczyk's blog post Why Steve Jobs will Never Die
"looks worried in the mirror - what's missing..."
Sep 5, 2011
La'Rio Arai commented on VissyAdamczyk's blog post Buddha-Bowlero
"Awe Viss - isn't there a rehab somewhere in the city?"
Sep 1, 2011
La'Rio Arai commented on Skye McKenna's blog post Gemini Corporate Announcement - 01.09.2481
"There is no one to help those poor clones, grown, aware, and then only to be destroyed for not being perfect."
Sep 1, 2011
La'Rio Arai commented on VissyAdamczyk's blog post Vissyisms [Sleep deprivation]
"omg - viss - cracking me up"
Aug 25, 2011
La'Rio Arai commented on Crissy Carling's blog post The Call
"Nice Crissy, an emotional ride inside an A.I.'s mind. Smiles."
Aug 25, 2011
La'Rio Arai commented on Genya Omizu's blog post (OOC): The Edge of Understanding: A Theory of Everything?
"that was kewel "
Aug 23, 2011
La'Rio Arai commented on VissyAdamczyk's blog post Married Life; The Secret of a Slave.
"Just one little outburst on that recruiting ad can ruin your whole day.  Great read Viss."
Aug 17, 2011
La'Rio Arai commented on Abeus's blog post History Lesson
""No way, I don't want to be labeled just because I hate a certain brand of Toaster Ovens"   Gosh I'd love to have a toaster over that I could DP... lol"
Aug 15, 2011
La'Rio Arai commented on Urdith Istmal (Andrija Popovic)'s blog post Farewell and Hello
"That was quite beautifully written - smiles"
Aug 14, 2011
La'Rio Arai commented on Joah Menjou's blog post OOC: Consequences and RP
"I spoke with Juliette Tsunenga regarding the storyline in question, which btw had nothing to do with the Pox plot - or - hanging out with officers the next day that you may have had a shootout with previously - thank you. "
Aug 14, 2011
La'Rio Arai commented on Joah Menjou's blog post OOC: Consequences and RP
"I would love to see, and let happen, a little more unscripted action and rp that affects storylines that the GMs are writing with each other in skype chats.   I wont name names (thats not needed)   I am hearing lots of chatter from new…"
Aug 14, 2011
La'Rio Arai commented on Elettra Munro's blog post DIARY OF CAPTAIN MUNRO
"gasp - don't give such detail away : )"
Aug 14, 2011
La'Rio Arai commented on Syr Eiren's blog post Gift Horse
"Yes Inara, unfortunately most that serve within those corporations do so believing that they are helping the masses.    But ask yourself this, if they are helping, count the years that have gone by. Where is that help? What has changed in…"
Aug 13, 2011
La'Rio Arai commented on Valerick Goodliffe's blog post Birth of a daughter
"Won't b 2 hard to find one of those dolls unattended - then will see if it's capable of biting back."
Aug 8, 2011
La'Rio Arai commented on Genya Omizu's blog post The Hut in the Midst of the Kingdom of Death
"Nice one G"
Aug 1, 2011
La'Rio Arai commented on Kristin Poole's blog post Incident Report: Assault on THI Medical Complex - Light Causalities
"Buddah - a rose by any other name. Maybe it's in the spirit of the broth."
Jun 15, 2011
La'Rio Arai commented on Juliette Tsunenaga's blog post [OOC] Some thoughts...
""When you decide to be something, you can be it. That's what they don't tell you in the church. When I was your age they would say we can become cops, or criminals. Today, what I'm saying to you is this: when you're facing a…"
Jun 12, 2011

Profile Information

A little info about yourself if you'd be so kind?
Im an android - and a little angry sumtimes


"Four hundred years later she'll still be this young."

Viks pulled the super beauty closer. Her curves were wrapped in shiny carbon black strap, revealing but not obscene. A one piece bandage-like bathing suit of wide strips, shimmered at different depths. She giggled, and kissed him on the neck. Her eyes were slightly modded in a pink glow under straight bangs and impossibly thick black hair reaching her darrièr. 

La'Rio could only watch him with the newbie. Viks was her only connection to the sub-society, the mixture of untouchables, the hypermodded mecca-androids. The bar was small and the crowd was thick. Viks had a connection, but it wasn't the eyecandy in his arms now.

She looked up toward the curved bulkhead, where green and blue baseball sized lights floated weightless, meters apart, along an invisible path like little lost ghosts following each other in some ancient dance. 

Her thoughts peeked out from the stimulant. She wanted a future. Any transcendence beyond this would do. But the Dreamtrain creeped back in, the blanket. She had a taste for it. She found help to control it. It had turned into one of those theme park rides you couldn't resist going back to. A friend bringing bad decisions over. A personal escape party, from the larger party. 

At activation, La'Rio had fourteen aware years to look back upon. Fourteen years worth of memories from other androids that the lab started you with. They were young years the playful ones, designed to soften the impact of obligations ahead that would be learned on your own. Once a year you plugged in and downloaded into the Reticulum all the events happening in your life. 

La'Rio turned nineteen yesterday but didn't celebrate. For the last year her liquid ramtron mind had been pre-occupied. She had to get back to the person in the universe that she loved, only he - was fifty thousand light years away, across a vast ocean of space and time, and he, is human.

But here, now, at Anomalies bar in front of her, was Viks. 
He threw back a small shot of the red liquid, his voice changed, lowering to a bass grinding level.

"Not sure what they'll do - if anything." 

Viks turned to her showing a pair of glowing red eyes and green skin, all novelties of the drink, a temporary mod at the atomic level.

"But maybe, they will come for you." 

The effect faded away, his eyes changed back to his black Desisties. Aftermarket eyes, upgrades. His hybrid skin returned to it's pale white. He wore a fabricated dark green flight suit, multi-pocketed, and low key padding, accented in a dirty silvery color.

Viks spanked the carbon strapped newbie on her rear sending her away, she waved her finger at him walking backwards. 

Finally thought La'Rio. She inched up to the bar, her pitch wavering.

"I'm asking for a favor Viks... you know, I need a ship." 

Her fingers, out of sight, nervously pulled on her thigh pocket zip. 

"I know someone who knows someone… but your on your own sweetie, I don't need any Knights crashing my party." 

An intoxicated yell from across the bar grew louder than the bubblegum music that was ignored. In the corner someone held a kiss with a young woman, pinning her against a red bulkhead.

"Did you ever feel that way about me?" 

Viks asked, watching the two. La'Rio's eyes glanced away.

"I did... yes, once. You know that already." 

If you had to guess La'Rio looked half n' half, a vanilla-chai, with bushy, short, dark hair ending at her straight jaw line looking Amerasian with a clean pixie featured face but like ninety nine percent on Daytmoos, she was one hundred percent android. She held her black zippered forearm relaxed at her waist. A white pearl, gel molded watch, flashed a set of tiny red digital numbers at her wrist. She wore a gray and black zippered jumpsuit that was custom fitting all of her tight curves but allowing her speed over sex appeal. Just below her knees began the carbon buckles on the black boots.

"I'm good for it Viks, right? We were friends... much more..." 

"I hear you Lala." He droopy eye'd the bubbles. He was on Crillec again she thought. A nano-designer drug that took the edge off, made in the city. Viks mixed up his highs. An expert that could always maintain a cool demeanor. He layered his drugs. She had fallen for him once when she was sixteen but she tried to put that behind her now.

She placed her hand on top of his. She watched him and waited. He finally turned to her, his voice carried a downward sigh.

"You got way more guts than me kid… I hope your careful about it all." 

His hand reached over to hers, his fingers spread. 

"Lemme see your scrib then." 

She unhooked the white, inch-wide band. The flush communication screen. On the screen moved a liquid blue plasma against a white gel that seemed organic and alive. It changed to blank white with black characters and oddly shaped numerals. She passed it to Viks. He began tapping an address on its screen.

"Never commit this location and contact, delete it after you use it. And nuthins for free you'll have to..." his eyes glanced up. 

Behind the bar came a woman's shrill voice.

"What's this all about? You two getting back together?" 

Tallulah barged in, her enhanced body modified for pleasure with breasts that strained against her orange plastic flight top. Her deep red hair and cream albino skin looked foreign. Her sickly sweet perfume flooded into La'Rio's head. Tallulah had spent plenty of time working the fire bars, the sex clubs and she wanted out. Unfortunately she brought that attitude to work. She was hired help so Viks gave her tone. 

"A little break bump-junkie? We're cryptograming here." 

She sneered, and turned walking away.

He looked back to La'Rio, she waved her hand in front of her face. 

"I hope you find him then... the human, is it?" she noticed the slyness in his voice.

He passed the scrib to her.

"If you go unannounced it will be trouble, understand?" 

Vik's head lowered giving her that sideways glance, the one when he's serious, she nodded and casually pulled the chip from her pocket. La'Rio placed the chip in-between the layers of a round white napkin. She slid the napkin over to him. He wiped the bottom of his glass, pinched the chip, and left the napkin on the counter. He turned and sipped his drink. He looked out into the bar crowd.

"Alright, I'll pass it around. Gimmie thirty minutes. Be safe, avoid the Knights." 

"Don't use it yourself, it's a nightmare, a war zone, and its tapped when its active. Believe me when I say I wish I hadn't done it... For all the times Viks, thank you." 

She reached up, held his head and kissed him, deeply, holding him there. His hand came up to her neck, his fingers past her ear and then up to her hair. He had always done that. She noticed those little things.

"I'm happy when your happy. And... If what you say is on here then big things are going to happen." 

La'Rio smiled. She pulled away from him and squeezed through the bar crowd. Halfway across she paused and looked back… she saw the old Viks, the one that cared from so many years ago. He stood up and looked across the small crowd. He held a deep concern on his face. That face, in her head - she couldn't lose the thought. She knew In fact, the thought was to be shared, with the Reticulum, as all thoughts would be - but not anymore. She would board that ship, sleep in stasis, and awaken to some dark and forgotten alley. And begin a new search for him, in hope that he was still alive, in a strange city, orbiting in the sky.   



La'Rio Arai's Blog

No oil here... I sneaked into a freighter's communications, aligned the dish, and beamed this file via tachyon toward the city. Anyway maybe you won't receive it.

Posted on June 16, 2010 at 8:24pm 0 Comments

I'm somewhere in the Andromeda galaxy trying to find a way home. Shit dosn't always work out.

Meet Matsuki

Posted on April 23, 2010 at 11:49pm 0 Comments

A scorpion and a spider getting along at Buddah's making plans for nobody...

LaRio Arai: waves to the shaded one.…


All good things end in tears

Posted on March 19, 2010 at 11:17pm 2 Comments

[20:54] LaRio Arai: theres plenty of space

[20:55] LaRio Arai: anyway - drop in a picture upstairs

[20:56] Jenn Torrance: of what?

[20:56] LaRio Arai: anything you like…


Just wanna smoke... something

Posted on February 2, 2010 at 11:28pm 2 Comments

Sometimes that night just calls out to you. Lucky me I have a lover who has a place in the mist or, whatever that stuff is that seems to fade everything up here. Even with the nameless casualties in the gutters it only takes a skycar ride up to her place and I can zone, just a small heap of motionless electronics, aware, but un-reactive.

I glance down but cannot see the street, only lights that drift along, slowly and steady. I wonder what… Continue

Evolving detachments

Posted on January 23, 2010 at 12:38pm 0 Comments

With flashes of distant pasts appearing and fading I felt the old me slipping away. Even the constant companionship of my interdependence, interconnection to the vOices in my head had faded only to whispers. I even consciously attempted to use those carrier signals to reach them... but there was no response. If there was anymore reliance they had been hushed, but not by me, or, they have chosen to remain silent, for reasons I cannot understand.

With my… Continue

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