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Profile Information

How did you hear about Insilico?
Gemini Cybernetics store/Other RP Sims
Eastern Standard
When can we expect you online for RP?
Random times during the day, more solidly after 8pm EST, into the early AM
A little info about yourself if you'd be so kind?
I am writer, quite fond of the science fiction and cyberpunk genres, as well as a long time avid roleplayer. I have been at Second Life for 9 years now and still finding new and exciting things to do. I much prefer the feeling of spontaneity and instant feed back of live RP compared writing alone, all locked up in my own head.
Do you have any roleplaying experience & if so please give a little background.
As far as real life goes, I have a experience GMing and playing table top RPGs, such as Shadowrun, Rifts, Millennium's End, World of Darkness, and Call of Cthulhu. I have nearly as much experience with online roleplay, starting out on IRC and text based MU*s before moving onto Second Life.

Character Sheet

║║▌█ Kimiko Mazoku ▌█║║

Updated 10/5/16

Rank: N/A
Faction N/A
Division: N/A
DOB: 2-2-2444
Birthplace: Kojima Arcology
Race: Human <Artificial with Biological Components>
Gender: Female
Serial: KIFH44-0179

║║▌█ Attributes ▌█║║
Intelligence:30 <High>
Perception:20 <Med>
Endurance:15 <Low>
Agility:25 <High>
Strength:15 (10+5 Racial) <Low>
Charisma:20 <Med>

║║▌█ Skills ▌█║║
Knowledge..................50% <int+per>
Medical.......................60% <int+agi +5% Med School>
Science......................45% <int+end>
   Cybertech................60% <35% base + Expert>

Social.........................25% <cha+str -5% Deranged>
Subterfuge...................40% <cha+agi>
Security......................25% <str+end>
Tech...........................30% <end+str>
   Jury-rig....................25% <Racial>
Vehicular....................45% <per+agi>
Intuition......................40% <per+cha>

║║▌█ Secondary ▌█║║
Initiative: 45 <per+agi>
Movement: 10
Luck:30% <intuition -10%>
Willpower: 30% <per+char-10%>
Prestige: 0
Pool: 0
Salvage: None

║║▌█ Health ▌█║║
Recovery: 1d10 points every 2 hours - day <up to 5 times>
Health: <40> <30 base+10 Racial> <damage that exceeds x30 is deadly>
Mental: <50> <end+int +5 Racial> <damage that exceeds x20 is deadly>
Damage types energy / kinetic / mental

+5 Kinetic Armor <Racial>

║║▌█ Background ▌█║║
Medical School <+5 Medical>
Expert: Cybertechnology <+25%>

Hatred: Biotech/AIs
Deranged: -5% social

<Special Points>
New skill <Nanoscience> +40%

║║▌█ Augmentations ▌█║║
Neural Net

+5% Strength (Racial)

Cyberbrain: NeroNet CPU (3 Program Slots)

║║▌█ Equipment ▌█║║

║║▌█ Reputation ▌█║║

║║▌█ Achievements ▌█║║

║║▌█ Dossier ▌█║║

Dataline tap established
Incoming packets.....
Intercept complete

Transfer Node IS.345.553.NA.tran
RecFr: DGentlyHDA@NYStockholm.486.343.523.2
SndTo: ComINT#76bvh# &#g byb*&

<Data Corrupt>


<Play Audio.Log>

"...finished the brush-up on those files you sent me after. I had to liberate them from a pretty icey mainframe. Just this side of Ultraviolet. Null sheen though, I handled it. I took a look over the records, not sure you'll tag what you're scanning for though. Lots of redaction. I found links pointing to secure off-site storage on an isolated system. No way to gank that without a physical penetration. Not out of the question if the cred is there. And I mean cred, you scan? This NeoTokoyo nuyen scrip is killing me on the exchange rates.

Chiptruth, when I DLed her med.rec log I would of pegged her as a ballerina. Definite bioroid, nervewires, APTRs, flickercladding, cyberbrain augs, quite the mentat. Lots of draga Kojima stuff, though I'd figure that for a clavie.

Looks like a smart slitch. Straight sarariman background, very U2C. CmD, NsD, FNTCS, bunch of other alphabet soup, long list of expert certs from neuroscience, trans-implant surgery, cybertech design. Headed up some Kojima cyber think tank for years. That's where the files get Chinese take-out. Someone did ugly on them, lifted names, places, dates. Nothing I can do to recover that without getting into the master system.

Something went down though. Normally when I see stuff like that it ends with a DOA report on a Ms. Jane Doe found face down with two in the body and one to the head, if she's found at all. No idea why this one got to walk away. I pulled her skeleton from the INSILICO node too, those are appended after the rest. Its worth nothing the entry scan showed almost none of that chrome - mostly base level implants.

Traced all interactions with the account you linked me. All fluff and dazzle, looks like she's having a good time on the city, nothing more. Hitting the clubs, keeping up with the Dimitriaskies. Clean so far. Only 'nomaly of note, she rented out an old fight club instead of a penthouse apartment. Krazi, neh? Looked the place up, very Chiba. Probably just a tres chic cougar pad. That's all I got, so ticket cashed unless you got anything else for me.

<End Audio.Log>

Load translation app
CitySpeak Module Loaded
Indexing Terminology

Brush-up: Cyberspace run collecting background information.
Icey: See ICE, computer system loaded with Intrusion Countermeasure Electronics
Ultraviolet: High security system rated above Red
Null Sheen: lit. "No sweat"
Gank: lit. "to steal"
Chiptruth: lit. "Absolute Truth"
Ballerina: A female cybernetic assassin, usually with nervewires.
Bioroid: A full conversion cyborg.
Nervewires: Reflex enhancing cyberware.
APTRs: Augmented Program Trained Reflex. See "skillsoft" or "reflexchip"
Flickercladding: Color changing clothing. Also slang for magneto-optic camouflage.
Draga: Hungarian, lit: "Expensive"

Clavie: One who lives in a corporate enclave.

Mentat: Brainy individual or one with mental augments. A human computer.
Slitch: Slang for a female
Sarariman: Corruption of "Salary man" Corporate worker. See "wageslave"
U2C: Upright Uptight Citizen
CmD: Cybernetic Medical Doctor
NsD: Neuroscience Doctorate
FNTCS: Fellowship of Neo Tokyo Cybernetic Surgeons
Chinese Take-out: A mess. EG "That riot gun made Chinese take out of his chest"
Do Ugly: To beat up
Skeleton: Background information
Fluff and Dazzle: Nothing of substance
Keeping up with the Dimitriaskies: Referring to a benchmark of rich, influential neighbors in society.
Krazi: Hungarian, lit "Crazy"
Chiba: A region in Japan. Also of, or relating to, any aspect of Japanese culture.

Tres Chic: Very fashionable
Cougar Pad: Female equivalent of "Bachelor Pad"

Kimiko Mazoku's Blog

Personal Log KIFH44-0179 "冬至 - Winter Solstice"

Posted on December 22, 2016 at 11:30pm 1 Comment

It is the shortest day and the longest night of the year, yet under the perpetual blanket of its solar shell such terms are relative in the city of INSILICO. Some believe it is the turning point between yin and yang, Ichiyo Raifuku. In times past the customs of lighting candles, consuming kabocha, and bathing with yuzu were believed to ward off winter sickness and bring fortune. Such old traditions are but faerie tales in this day, where the…


Devil's Night: Round Two

Posted on October 24, 2016 at 10:30pm 5 Comments

Arson attacks continued for a second night as terrorist gangs staged violent attacks through out INSILICO East. What started out as a string of minor dumpster fires quickly escalated out of control.…


Devil's Night: Round One

Posted on October 23, 2016 at 8:00pm 2 Comments

From out of the depths of the Shades slithers a cadre of freaks and outcasts, painted for war and dipped in psychotic abandon. Spreading through the fairer sections of the city, their howls and cries echo off alley walls, bringing vandalism and violence to those in their path. Smashing vehicles, defacing property, and harassment mounts quickly as they gather, guided to one target by an unseen hand. INSILICO South, the Corporate district. Skull faced hoodlums pour…


Message in a Bottle: 九尾狐

Posted on October 17, 2016 at 12:21am 2 Comments

Cyberspace. The Grid. The Web. The all encompassing ethereal plane of electrons where data is given physical form in a full sensory virtual hallucination. In many ways it is the sum total of human existence, the creation of a vast network that links nearly every living being and…


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At 11:12am on May 11, 2016, Mr. Senet said…
Indeed, I do still play at INSILICO. I have an office near Fusion. Let me know when you would need me and I can be on. :)
At 9:08am on May 21, 2016, 0kjua7oo7tovg0kjua7oo7tovg said…

Hello, thank you for the welcome.

At 10:17am on May 21, 2016, Ellie said…

Greetings, for your welcoming :)

At 3:51pm on May 30, 2016, Caitlin Baily said…

Thank you for you welcome ;) 

At 8:43am on May 31, 2016, Cyerce Kiranov said…

Thank you!

At 11:29am on June 6, 2016, Minerva said…

Thank you.

At 10:53am on August 2, 2016, Wilhelm James said…

That ain't a bat-signal, love. And I ain't said bat. But be goin' head an' slappin' it round everywhere. Maybe you'll be gettin' lucky. 

At 1:40pm on August 2, 2016, Wilhelm James said…

Since there weren't no actual results to be had 'ere, I'll have to be takin' your word for it. 

At 7:21am on August 18, 2016, Arrow said…

"I thank thou, oh sister in cybernetic components"

At 9:44am on September 11, 2016, Bane Belladonna said…
Thank you. =)

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