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Oct 1, 2016
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Profile Information

How did you hear about Insilico?
by a friend Bisa Zuta
GMT + 1
When can we expect you online for RP?
soon ...
A little info about yourself if you'd be so kind?
Sl user ... nothing special ... it like to experience SL as a fun where we can enjoy fun, have fun and do stuff we would never do in Real - Ohhhh I speak french better than I write English hahaha
Do you have any roleplaying experience & if so please give a little background.
Dungeon and Dragon, INS, Call of Chtulluh .. and in SL a few capture SIMS
║║▌█ Jade Lovely ▌█║║                

Rank:     N/A
Faction : Underground
Division: N/A
DOB:      2459.02.21
Race:      Human, baseline
Gender:   Shemale
Serial:      UNFH59-1122
------ Attributes ------------------------ *
Intelligence: low  15
Perception:  med 20
Endurance:  med 15
Agility:          high 25
Strength:      low  15
Charisma:    high 30
120 points to spend no stat to exceed 30 or fall below 5
Attribute: Stat +0 difficult / +20 medium / +30 normal
------ Skills ------------------------------- **
Knowledge...............35% (int+per)
Medical....................40% (int+agi)
Science....................30% (int+end)
Social.......................45+5 % (cha+str+background))
Subterfuge...............55% (cha+agi)
Security....................30% (str+end)
Tech.........................30% (end+str)
Vehicular..................45% (per+agi)
Intuition.....................50% (per+cha)
Skills capped at 60%
Spend 200 skill points in specialized skills (60 cap)

-- Laws                        20%

-- Perform                   30%

-- Acrobatics               20%    (+.5m/10%of this skill)

-- Unarmed combat    45%

-- Small arms             45 %

-- Forgery                   20%
-- Piloting                   20 %

------ Secondary -------------------------
Initiative:        45
Movement:    12
Luck:             40
Willpower:     40
Credits:     1500c
Prestige: (accrued in game)
Pool: (accrued in game)
Salvage: (accrued in game)
Recovery: 1d10 points an hour - day (up to 5 times)
Health:      30  ((endurance+strength (damage that exceeds x30 is deadly)
Mental:      30  ((endurance+intelligence (damage that exceeds x20 is deadly)
Damage types energy / kinetic / mental
------ Backgrounds -------------
2 positives :
- Graceful - you have a natural grace about you that allows you to charm others easier. +5% Social.
- Forgery - You are capable of forging false documents, while they can trick local biometric scanners they will not hold up under close examination. You can sell fake ID's and documents on the black market.
2 negative :
- Pirate - Your choice of friends in the past was really rather poor. As part of a pirate crew you looted, killed, and generally caused problems for the corps before settling down. Unfortunately for you the corps have long memories. -20% to faction standing Gemini.
- Compulsive - you act without thinking and it shows, gain a +10% difficulty modifier on rolls pertaining to acting on impulse.
----- Equipment -----------------
A leather dress
A pair of high eels
A lipstick
Do I really need something else ?  Naaaaaaahhh !!!

------ Reputation -----------------

------ Achievements-----------------
(leave blank until awarded through rp)
------ Dossier --------------------

- Lil Thug : Born in a low class area - Yes future is dark sometimes. It quickly seemed to her that joigning a gang would be a fast way ticket to enjoy a better life. She joined one and only earned a one way ticket to learn about : forgery, smuggling, extortion and black market.
- I'm free : No family left, a loose civic sense, no job in sight.  The only thing she feels loyalty for is her friends and the gang she belongs to.
I'm not a Golgoth, but I'm a bitch : Having no military experience, and not being an expert in close combat or in fire arms. Jade's martial skills come from what she has learned in the street. She mostly relies on surprise and "efficiency" to escape or get rid of an enemy. Though she looks pretty girlie, Jade can prove herself very agressive sometimes, "efficiency" means she is a happy trigger who does not hesitate to use her gun when necessary. She is a bit less proficient in close combat but can be a bit sadistic when it comes to hit someone where it hurts most.
- I'm not a suburban mopped : Hey, what makes you believe, you can tune me like a damn motorcycle or plasma screen ?

Jobs I know I can do :
- Pole Dance : I dance a bit at Aftermath, for it "helps me to pay the rent" and I can listen at rumours.
- Escort/Body Guard : Yes I can do it. I could even take a bullet for you ... if you pay me enough.


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