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║║▌█ George Brando ▌█║║

Rank: ()
Faction ()
Division: ()
DOB: (December 30, 2461)
Race: Augmented
Gender: (Male)
Serial: (FLMA61-4482)
------ Attributes ------------------------ *
Intelligence: 20
Perception: 25
Endurance: 25 (20+5)
Agility: 25
Strength: 25 (20+5)
Charisma: 10

------ Skills ------------------------------- **
-Sneaking 30
-Martial Arts 55
-Ranged Weapons 50
-Long Ranged Weapons 60 (35+25)
-Dodge 30
-Jury Rig 25%

------ Secondary -------------------------
Initiative: 50
Movement: 10
Willpower: 25
Credits: 2200
Prestige: 1400

Recovery: 1d10 points every two hours - day (up to 5 times)
Health: 60 (damage that exceeds x30 is deadly) +5 Armor (k)
Mental: 50 (damage that exceeds x20 is deadly)
Damage types energy / kinetic / mental

------ Backgrounds -------------
Longevity+5% endurance checks
Expert +25% Long Rage Weapons
Hidden secret
----- Equipment -----------------

------ Reputation -----------------
+15% JSD
+06% Gemini
+11% AGIS
------ Achievements-----------------

------ Paperwork-------------

Bounty Hunter License (Issued by JSD)

------ Dossier --------------------

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Roleplay System

The Insilico role play system is a heavy work in progress. This group will feature a list of relevant blogs and links pertaining to the custom made RP system for the sim. Suggestions or questions can be addressed here as well a any changes or updates to the system itself. Starting players feel free to go to the OOC location…See More
May 16, 2015
George Brando commented on Zion Volos's blog post Gunmetal Tower
"I remember a conversation we had about that office. That is very cool grats again bro"
Apr 15, 2015
George Brando joined Stark Osterham's group

Bounty Net™

Bounty Net™ is dedicated to the pursuit of fugitives and high risk targets throughout the system. From Earth to Mars bounties try their best to avoid detection. As a registered bounty hunter there is no location so remote, no target too difficult and no risk not worth taking. Work together or competitively for player bounties. When security cannot do the task, organizations turn to Bounty Net™ to invoke justice.…See More
Apr 9, 2015
George Brando commented on Bella Oxmyx's blog post Backward Unto Dawn
"you do know that sometime no info is shared because there is non to share :D"
Apr 6, 2015
George Brando commented on Lunhilde Du'March's blog post Job Hazard Memories
"interesting "
Apr 6, 2015
George Brando commented on Zion Volos's blog post Excuses
"GL man hope to see ya back soon"
Mar 24, 2015
George Brando commented on Zion Volos's blog post On Clever Blog Titles...
"hey where can I get a good burrito haven't found any around and i have been looking"
Mar 9, 2015
George Brando commented on Naomah Beaumont's blog post In Which I Avoid Being Shot Again
Mar 9, 2015
George Brando commented on INSILICO NEWS NET's blog post Citizen Representative Candidates
"Good Luck guys "
Mar 8, 2015
George Brando commented on Zion Volos's blog post One Eve - Two Eve - Red Eve - Blue Eve
"dig it."
Mar 7, 2015
George Brando commented on Falledaeux Resident's blog post OOC Question! Come look and voice your opinion ^~^
"yea i think its cool idea i would love have one"
Dec 16, 2014
George Brando commented on ISS - Insilico Security Service's blog post ISS Welcomes Nira Raiden
Dec 3, 2014
George Brando is now a member of INSILICO
Sep 25, 2014

Profile Information

How did you hear about Insilico?
Sl serch
Eastern US
When can we expect you online for RP?
hard to say ill be around alot if things go the way i hope here
A little info about yourself if you'd be so kind?
I am just an all around geek that loves gaming, sci fi, anime, comic books and creating things so sl was a good fit for most of that.
Do you have any roleplaying experience & if so please give a little background.
I've dabbled with RP for years in games like Ever Quest and Star Wars Galaxies and have been a part of combat and rp groups ranging from NOJ Nordhaven and Tombstone after getting into things here in Insilico I learned fast I was not a great Role player but I plan to keep at it until I am because I really like it here and want to be a part of it.

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"The 3 pics you see here are some of the roles I play on Secondlife. The pics were taken in my office where I work as a Bounty Hunter. I also run a couple of clubs, some manufacturing, a couple of clothing stores, and various other enterprises.I am…"
Apr 2
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"So... I just came here to download the pics I had posted (in case I've lost the copies on my hard-drive), and I can't get access to photos at all. How do I get around this?"
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