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How did you hear about Insilico?
I saw it in someone's Profile pick
A little info about yourself if you'd be so kind?
I'm an ex-graphic designer, advertiser and teacher who's failed to achieve anything resembling a career and who has rushed off as a travelling mystic to China, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan and Tibet where I spent a night camped at Base Camp, Everest, hallucinating that God was speaking to me. It was just altitude sickness, though...
Do you have any roleplaying experience & if so please give a little background.
Some years paper and pencil RP, many systems, some years MMORPGs, several years SL, mostly in Midian City.

My character, Doctor Ashur Kentoku, PhD, Messiah.

Name: Ashur Kentoku
Race: Augmented Transhuman, appears Asian
Age: Unknown, appears mid-20's
Height: 170cm
Weight: 55kg
Scent: Lavender incense
Eye color: Black, changeable
Hair color: Black, changeable
Skin colour: pale, changeable

Weapons: herself, and whatever weapons she can acquire; usually carries a pistol and blade.

All her senses are boosted to machine-like levels which means...
Sight - able to see clearly in low light conditions. IR sight, enabling her to see anything that radiates heat. Ocular magnification enables her to view objects a great distance away in detail.
Hearing - dozens of times better than standard human normal, good enough to hear conversations taking place in closed rooms 10m away or a conversation on a street 20 m away, with background noise.
Smell - as good if not better than the famous Bloodhound, enabling her to track via scent.
Touch - her tactile sensation is good enough for her to identify most objects and materials through touch.
Taste - enables her to enjoy pizza more than ever before!

Physical structure:
Internal structure resembles a normal human's only superficially. Nanites course through her blood and nanite structures weave through and merge with organs and bones, strengthening and protecting them with carbon nanoweave compounds, linking with needed cybernetic structures and providing a support system. Muscles are augmented, as are bones, tendons & ligaments and the CNS and the brain itself.
Ash can bench-press 500kg, jump 10m straight up, punch through a brick wall and move like Jet Li on Speed. Her CNS is so fast she can catch or deflect objects thrown at her (knives etc) and often see bullets in flight, helping her choose her cover more wisely during a firefight (no its not bullet dodging, its flavour RP ^.^).
Boosted intelligence helps her to belittle her opponents and maintain her position as one of the best Nanosurgeons around!

Damage resistance guidelines:
I work on a simple Wound Status system for combat RP. Uninjured->Light Wound->Moderate Wound->Serious Wound-> Critical Wound-> Dead
She's not too bothered with most normal kicks, punches and knives due to her armoured structure and cannot be more than Lightly Wounded when attacked with such weapons.
Small arms such as pistols, shotguns, SMG's and most swords cannot produce more than Moderate Wounds.
Military-grade weapons such as machine guns, sniper rifles and gatling guns can produce Serious Wounds to her structure.
Heavy military-grade weapons such as rail guns, heavy machine guns, large caliber sniper rifles and gatling cannons can produce Critical Wounds to her structure.

Wound regeneration:
Her nanites heal her very quickly, moving her from one wound status to the next less wounded Wound Status every 60 seconds i.e. Moderate Wound-> Light Wound then 60 seconds later Light Wound->uninjured.

Immune System:
Part of being immortal comes from a rock-solid immune system. Ash is immune to all but the most advanced and tricky nanovirus-derived diseases and poisons.

Combat capabilities:
Basic Gemini combat training some years back provides a basic foundation and that, along her street smarts keeps her from fucking up during a fight...her cleverness and enhanced body ensures she can take care of herself and usually gives any opponent something to think about...

Chameleon abilities: she can change the colour of her skin, hair, eyes and even make subtle physical changes. Over time she could conceivably change her gender.

She tends to keep to herself and watch other people while listening in on their conversations. Friendly when approached she tends to keep her conversations to Things That Matter, which means many would find her a bit odd, as she doesn’t follow sports, doesn’t pretend to understand Philosophy or even follow celebrities. She's interested in the Big Picture.
She suffers from agoraphobia and mild paranoia, making her even less social than normal. Her moods can be twitchy and if she forgets to force her body to deal with it she can explode into tirades, rants or just plain unadulterated violence.

Some of Ashur's earliest memories were of her and her family as refugees, fleeing one of the many brushfire wars raging through the Solar system in the mid 2400's. Her father was a researcher in a nanotech lab, her mother a surgeon, both workers for a corporation that would one day become Gemini Cybernetics, the Gemini Corporation. Their asteroid research facility in orbit around Jupiter was attacked by a United Nations strike force and wrecked, the survivors forced to flee in escape pods. She'd pressed herself up against the view port and watched the silent lances of energy beams with little puffs of plasma at the end of them against the black velvet of deep space, like little Nebulas, each of them representing the destruction of an escape pod like hers. She remembered her mother crying softly while she watched the lightshow outside, the quiet steady voice of her father. She thought the lights were quite beautiful, even after her father told her what she was really seeing...

Their pod survived and made contact with another Gemini facility in the Jovian system where her father and mother worked feverishly on restarting and finishing their projects as if time was their enemy, as indeed it was. They told her many things, showed her things, much of which she didnt understand, but she understood enough to know what she was being told was very important.

Her parents were working on perfecting Immortality, a secret and very black project, using technologies banned by the UN. They believed wholeheartedly in what they were doing, a treatment that would grant enhanced abilities and never-ending life to all, freedom from the mundane for Humankind, forever!
Years passed, with them having to flee from the intrusions of war again and again, sometimes only surviving because of the protection of Gemini. Ash learned to be careful of making friends, as she would inevitably lose them when she had to flee an attack again, and with her parents always busy in their research laboratories she thus became something of a loner. She read voraciously, absorbing information like a sponge, her parents happy to fill her head with their knowledge and ethics when they were around, and raced through Gemini's official academia program, easily qualifying for university where she studied nanotechnology, biotechnology and computer science. She was a rising star, pushing for her PhD, intent on helping her parents and working for Gemini like they did...

What she didn't suspect was that her parent's discoveries were being scrutinized by the uppermost echelon of Gemini and that their immortality treatment, in the form of a nanotech drug, was never intended for release to the public. It was for consumption by them only. What they in turn were unaware of was that the first recipient of the perfected immortality drug was Ash herself...a present, unbeknownst to her, from her parents on her graduation day.

Suddenly the storm of war passed by her again and she was drafted into the Gemini Defense Force as a medical officer aboard a vessel who's target was on the homeworld itself, Earth. She watched the flash of sun-bright energy beams from the medical bay as they made their attack run and was reminded of how beautiful it looked. Then the wounded started coming in...

The attack was successful although her point of view was different....her ship was one of those shot down. She sat, strapped into her seat and surrounded by shock gel, watching the big blue cloud-wreathed world below her grow as the remains of her ship burned into the atmosphere and broke up over the Pacific, and again all she could think of was how beautiful it all was.

Her seat-capsule survived long enough to spit her out into the clear blue skies of an island, her fall braked by a half-open chute. Badly wounded and on enemy territory she dug deep within her memory and training to survive, and discovered something strange: she seemed to have enhancement systems built into her she was not aware of before. She could see, smell and hear dozens of times better than before, and her broken bones and wounds were healing quickly...very quickly! She realized that, instead of dying, she was becoming stronger, faster and more perceptive! She quickly surmised that she was probably carrying the finished product of her parent's immortality drug within her, and used her own knowledge to gain full control over her new abilities.

Escaping off-island after some adventures involving angry locals and UN search-and-destroy drones, she made for Hong Kong and hid there among the masses of refugees and lower class citizens in the shadows of the great corporate arcologies and it was there she learned of her parent's death. An encrypted message from her parents told her the truth though: they had known the Board of Directors were intent on keeping the drug for themselves and had injected Ash with it in the hopes she could reverse-engineer it and release it into the human gene pool as they had hoped, and instigate the greatest social revolution in History.

And so her path was laid out for her: she began assembling research projects, using her own knowledge and what her parents had shown her to re-assemble the formula. Years have passed and she's close to finished now, she just needs one final piece of information and she believes it is to be found in the possession of the topmost ranking corp in INSILICO, perhaps even one of the same who benefited from it so long ago.

Assumed KIA by Gemini, Ash prowls the streets making contacts, selling her services as a nanosurgeon to fund her activities as she compiles information on the corps who run INSILICO and makes her plans for her final move...

She has become obsessed with perfecting her immortality drug design and the idea of spreading it amongst humanity like Jesus and Buddha promised everlasting life to those who believed or followed the Righteous Path. Like them, she is becoming more existential and serene, and her physical appearance is changing to reflect her Inner Eye's portrait of Divine Perfection.
She sees her immortality serum sweeping away the old order, in the way a fire sweeps away the old and is followed by new, fresh growth.

Ashur Kentoku's Blog

The Messiah and the "Jahmaican"

Posted on January 26, 2010 at 11:09am 0 Comments

[16:30:49] Ashur Kentoku's quick steps slow as she saw the figure sitting in the discarded sofa next to the dumpster. The burning car in the background made the scene somewhat silhouetted, and she pumped the light gain and pattern recognition in her eyes to compensate. It was a young woman, it seemed, with blatant cyber eyes and armour. Seeing that she veered away to bypass the figure, her steps increasing in speed again.

[16:33:37] Beast Slade stood up slowly with a strange lust in her… Continue

Conversation in a nightclub...

Posted on January 22, 2010 at 1:34am 2 Comments

[20:10] Omika Pearl‧: "I feel ashamed, Ash."

[20:15] Ashur Kentoku‧ doesnt look at Omi as they speak. The lights reflect off her goggles and lips in little scintillating flashes. "Thats good hon. It means you have a conscience and a set of standards."

[20:19] Omika Pearl‧ frowns, leaning back further into the seat. She is trying not to look upset, but she's probably failing. "I was really... I hit the bottom... I felt like the world had gone black and white. Like everything just lost… Continue

The Messiah and the Skeptic

Posted on January 16, 2010 at 2:22pm 2 Comments

[0:59:01] Omika Pearl blinks her bloodshot, bleary eyes at the glowing apparition. "Shit."

[0:59:23] Ashur Kentoku glowing apparition blinks back. "Shit?"

[0:59:36] Omika Pearl: Yeah, shit... just... bright.

[0:59:43] Omika Pearl: I've seen you before.

[1:00:22] Ashur Kentoku smiles. "Probably. Most dont forget me once they've seen me. Dunno if thats a good thing or not....."

[1:00:56] Omika Pearl: Well, you're bright as a second sun. Hard to miss.

[1:01:12] Omika… Continue

The Messiah and the Heretic

Posted on January 13, 2010 at 1:44pm 0 Comments

[12:50:07] Simeon Faith slots his credcube, opening the breathe room and letting Ashur enter ahead of him. "This might be peaceful, for you. I have never experienced such, but the high oxygen levels please me." He motions her in politely.

[12:51:31] Akiel Martian is Offline

[12:54:04] Ashur Kentoku breathes in and smiles, more because her system is telling her the air is enriched than any actual feeling. "This is lovely. A little scrap of green." She turns to face Simmie. "You've… Continue

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