The future is leaking backward to us in the form of Insilico, a high end cyberpunk roleplaying sim in Second Life™. Visit today to upgrade your avatar & get into the story.


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To Kill A Clone

Posted by INSILICO NEWS NETWORK on January 26, 2015 at 11:39am 0 Comments

Unfinished Business

Posted by Nyusha ZoryAna on January 25, 2015 at 5:30pm 1 Comment

The Blessed Child - Chapter V

Posted by Keiko Minamoto on January 25, 2015 at 12:27pm 0 Comments

Neyeas diary .2485 Fall down.

Posted by Neyea on January 25, 2015 at 4:34am 5 Comments

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Augmentations alter the human base condition in terms of physical and mental feats, the alterations can either be minor such as neural networks which remain common to mostly everyone to extensive such as full body prosthesis, The dangers implied with extensive augmentations depend solely on the nature of…

Security Services Laws and Regulations

Corporate Laws and Regulations

This section contains GEMINI corporate laws and administrative regulations that regulate private security activity, control the corporate procurement and use of private security services, and subject companies to potential legal liability in GEMINI corporate courts. It also contains an explanation of GEMINI's use and oversight of private security providers.

Agency Regulations

In addition to corporate laws, private security…

Clone / Fabricant Registration Form

I-483 (Rev. 7-11-2484)

AGIS Bureau of Product Regulation


The BPR acquisition, retention, and sharing of information submitted on this form is generally authorized…


 Metagaming is an "out of character" action where a player's character makes use of knowledge that the player is aware of but that the character is not meant to be aware of.

Examples of metagaming include:

  • Adjusting a character's actions based on foreknowledge of the long-term intentions of other players.
  • Gaining knowledge from Out-Of Character.
  • Using knowledge from a previously played or dead…

the IC and OOC Separation

Two common roleplaying acronyms: “In Character” and “Out of Character”. The fastest way to destroy roleplay and create out of character(aka bad) drama is confusing reality with roleplay.

Why it is SO Important to Separate IC from OOC:

There is no way to stress the importance of separating the two. Confusing them…



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Second Life Grid Status

[UPDATE] Rolling Maintenance Main Channel

[Updated 6:53 AM PST, 27 January 2015] The rolling maintenance for the main Second Life server channel is now in progress. [Posted 7:51 PM PST, 26 January 2015] We will be performing rolling maintenance for regions on the main Second Life server channel on Tuesday, January 27th, beginning at approximately 3:00 AM PST. Please refrain from [...]

[RESOLVED] Unscheduled Second Life Voice Maintenance

[Resolved 3:00 PM PST, 24 January 2015] Today’s maintenance to the Second Life Voice services have been completed. [Posted 12:30 AM PST, 24 January 2015] We are currently performing unscheduled maintenance on Second Life Voice services. Residents may be unable to utilize this feature until maintenance is complete. Please watch this blog for updates.

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Gemini Hearing: Adam Caine

Started by Cailin Beorn in IS. Public Records 22 hours ago. 0 Replies

new roleplayer to insilico

Started by Colby in Roleplay Discussion. Last reply by Nyusha ZoryAna on Friday. 2 Replies

IC Twitter

Started by Cailin Beorn in Notices. Last reply by Zion Volos on Thursday. 13 Replies

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A showdown between a heavily armored cyborg and a light-agile bioroid in the streets of INSILICO.
19 hours ago
INSILICO NEWS NETWORK posted a blog post

To Kill A Clone

Alice Liddel: Killer Clone or Innocent Victim?Gemini hearings are rare these days. Our post THI world seems to suggest that the sensationalized trials are a thing of the past. But, last night major players in JSD, NyCorp and AGIS were gathered within a small room on the east side. Here, testimony was heard about whether Adam Caine had murdered one Alice Liddel. Ugly charges were brought against him: murder, kidnapping, blackmail, fraudulent security practices; Caine maintains Liddel was an…See More
21 hours ago
Nyusha ZoryAna commented on Neyea's blog post Neyeas diary .2485 Fall down.
"collateral damage may be an understatement at this rate...O.O"
21 hours ago
Cailin Beorn posted discussions
22 hours ago
Edward Dalton Maner commented on Melissa "Missy" Droideka's blog post Dark Heart on the Red Planet. (Meeva inbound.)
"IC: Vaarbot monitors a data trade in cyberspace between a smuggler and Insilico Security: Information in exchange for safe passage. He muses: A society must and will do whatever it takes to survive in its environment. A member of such a society…"
22 hours ago
Joe Clops commented on INSILICO NEWS NETWORK's blog post Richard Lawson: the Man, the Life, the Legend
"I beleive in lawson!  "
23 hours ago
Melissa "Missy" Droideka posted a blog post

Dark Heart on the Red Planet. (Meeva inbound.)

Winds blow across the rocky canyon as the sun comes up. Inside her scrape Meeva wakes, goop in her eyes and head drenched in sweat. Panic rises in her as she see's spots; The atmosphere convertor was off! Squirming around to check the air bottles on her other side increases her alarm; Needles in the red!  Meeva works as her vision continues to get worse, her numb fingers pull the catalyst screen from the atmosphere convertor. "Universe preserve me..." she whispers as she begins to scrape the…See More
Edward Dalton Maner commented on Nyusha ZoryAna's blog post Unfinished Business
"The Mexican word 'Desperado' refers to a person who is ready to do desperate deeds. They indicate their status by wearing a long red sash, but a long red ponytail will do.  :P"
Nyusha ZoryAna posted a blog post

Unfinished Business

She was standing in the rain dazed and confused by Adam's refusal to take her full statement, to haul her in for detailed questioning.  She had practically insisted upon it.  Yet, the director turned his back on her and any further conversation about it.  It was if he did not want to know, care to know, or that he himself already had the answers.  She was stunned that the head of IPS did not care, nor have time, for her to provide him with a lengthily detailed statement.  He was very dismissive…See More
Nyusha ZoryAna commented on Melissa "Missy" Droideka's photo

Street Pizza

" Thank god it did not crush any citizens or Gemini Employees below upon impact.  Perhaps it would have resulted in another Grand Re-Opening of the Fusion under new management and ownership.  "
Neyea commented on Neyea's blog post Neyeas diary .2485 Fall down.
"Neyea is a witness to collateral damage.She does not explain her personality to anyone.Strangers outside windows.((but that is Neyea for you :) ))"
Keiko Minamoto posted a blog post

The Blessed Child - Chapter V

At eight o'clock Keiko was ready at the living room. She knew that her family was used to go to fancy restaurants only, and dinner out meant her father was going to make business with someone and would like to show his family to impress the client, so she dressed accordingly. She was stunning. Black short dress, black heels, nice and shiny earrings and collar, hair arranged in a ponytail which was pulled over her left shoulder. Her face was still sad, though.Tatsuo and Sayuri were also well…See More
Melissa "Missy" Droideka posted a photo

Street Pizza

Stim walks past the remains of "pizza droid". "Parties are all the same, no matter what level you are on; By the end something is always broken, and some one is always face down in the street."
Keiko Minamoto posted a photo

Layin' back

Keiko laying back on a metal bench, listening to some music.
Edward Dalton Maner commented on Neyea's blog post Neyeas diary .2485 Fall down.
"Little known fact: The strained expression on Judy's face is due to the corset she had to wear to flatten her chest.  :P"
Nyusha ZoryAna commented on INSILICO NEWS NETWORK's blog post Richard Lawson: the Man, the Life, the Legend
"Nope a real person.     "
Nyusha ZoryAna commented on Neyea's blog post Neyeas diary .2485 Fall down.
"The suspense grows over mysterious interviews and strangers outside windows.  Lions and Tigers and Bears.        "

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